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Just in Case: Legal and Business Consultants & Legal Translations
Just in Case: Legal and Commercial Consulting and Translation

Just in Case, is the right address for you offering efficient, dynamic and creative options in legal and commercial consulting and translation services.

Just in Case, provides active legal consulting services to natural and legal persons in Belgium, Turkey and in other EU countries on EU and Belgian law and on Turkey and Turkish Legal System related issues and legal conflicts.

Just in Case provides also commercial and investment arrangement and consulting for natural and legal entities.

Just in Case is your trusted working partner for translation services additional to legal and commercial consulting services, especially for legal translations with high difficulty level requiring experience.

Just in Case, also participates in academic and scientific studies combining different legal disciplines and publishes these studies additional to its practical services. Just in Case participates in national and international projects as experts and takes an active role.

Just in Case offers you the right solutions thanks to its experts team and its principled and efficient working approach able to coordinate different disciplines.